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Parkinson Receives Growing Greener Grant

In January 2015, Governor Tom Corbett announced the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will invest more than $23.2 million in 109 watershed protection projects. One of those projects, proposed by Dr. Randall W. Parkinson, Director of Coastal Zone and Watershed Management, was awarded to Environment Erie.

Environmental Remediation & Recovery (ER&R) will collaborate with Environment Erie on the project, which is designed to reduce sediment pollution delivered to Presque Isle Bay from Scott Run. This will be accomplished by restoring segments of Scott Run currently impairing aquatic life due to high bank erosion rates and stream particulate loads. The two year effort will begin in the spring of 2015 and when completed will provide all the necessary bioengineering and Best Management Practices design alternatives, cost estimates, and permits required prior to the start of the restoration construction effort.

Oblique aerial photo of birdsfoot delta - a geomorphic indicator of high sediment loads - at confluence of Scott Run and Presque Isle Bay, Erie County, PA.

Senior Project Managers and Technical Staff