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Former Gasoline Station (Allegheny County, PA)

Project Synopsis

ER&R conducted an extensive site characterization following identification of a release of VOCs to soil and groundwater. The work included attainment of the site specific standards under Act 2 from former USTs. The site development consisted of the removal and replacement of over 750,000 cubic yards of fill material.

Project Outcome

ER&R remediated the site using a combination of remediation technologies to achieve the site-specific cleanup standard. The site received an Act 2 relief of environmental liability for identified petroleum constituents and the site was redeveloped as a multi-facility automotive dealership.

Specific Tasks for the Project included the following:

  • Secure full reimbursement of investigation and remediation costs from PA USTIF
  • Complete excavation of highly impacted soils
  • Conduct soil and groundwater characterization
  • Perform hydrogeological aquifer characterization
  • Conduct ecological and health-based risk assessment
  • Evaluate remedial measures specific to the site
  • Complete in-situ treatment (chemical injection) of petroleum impacted soils
  • Fate & transport evaluation
  • Develop Site-Specific Standard for groundwater contamination
  • Prepare and submit Remedial Investigation Report (RIR) and Final Report to PADEP
Senior Project Managers and Technical Staff