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Former Landfill Site - (Erie County, PA)

Project Synopsis

The site is a former 35 acre landfill redeveloped as a golf course and was under consideration for purchase by a municipality. ER&R characterized the site, removed drums, tires and wastes at surface, and addressed groundwater under the Statewide health standards and wastes in accordance with the approved cleanup plan.

Project Outcome

ER&R assisted with the division of technical responsibility for the “buyer-seller” agreement. The property was successfully purchased and continues to operate as a golf course.

Specific Tasks for the Project included the following:

  • Completion of test pits, soil borings, and monitoring wells
  • Stream sampling
  • Development of Site-Specific Standard for a naturally occurring metal
  • Preparation of Work Plan and Remedial Investigation Report
  • Excavation and removal of debris and historic fill at surface
  • Prepared and implemented Cleanup Plan
  • Placement of a minimum of 2 to 4 feet of soil as a cap over fill material, grading and revegetation
  • Two years of quarterly groundwater monitoring
  • Liaison with state regulators on behalf of buyer and seller
  • Prepared Post Remediation Care Plan
  • Assist Attorneys with Preparation of Environmental Covenant for final transfer
  • Prepared Final Report and received Act 2 relief of liability for all parties
Senior Project Managers and Technical Staff