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Residual Waste Fluid Release

Project Synopsis

A production fluid release was identified at an active well pad operated by an oil & gas producer. Immediate implementation of corporate spill response procedures was effective in controlling a potentially catastrophic release. The producer retained ER&R to conduct a complete site characterization of soil and groundwater proximate to the site. The characterization was initiated within 48 hours of the confirmed release.

Project Outcome

ER&R directed the characterization and remediation work in accordance with the PADEP draft oil and gas spill policy. Results of the activities were compiled and submitted to PADEP the form of a Final Report. The Report demonstrated attainment of the Statewide health standard medium-specific concentrations (SHS MSCs) (residential used aquifer) and requested relief of environmental liability, specific to this incident, for the remediator and the property owner.

Specific Tasks for the Project included the following:

  • Emergency site response, evaluation and coordination
  • Site reconnaissance and sensitive receptor evaluation
  • Preparation of site characterization work plan
  • Installation of numerous soil borings, monitoring wells and bedrock water wells
  • Completion of extensive potable water well, groundwater and surface water sampling plan
  • Source removal oversight during remediation
  • Hydrogeological and aquifer evaluation
  • Liaison with state environmental regulators
  • Completion and submittal of Final Report within 90 days demonstrating attainment of SHS MSCs
Senior Project Managers and Technical Staff