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Scott Run Watershed Restoration (Erie County, PA)

Project Synopsis

Scott Run is included in the Pennsylvania 303(d) list due to impairment of aquatic life by siltation. High particulate loads occur during erosional events caused by peak flow conditions in the channel and mass wasting of its banks. This sediment is transported downstream and ultimately into Presque Isle Bay. The project will reduce sediment pollution (aka siltation) in Scott Run by (1) improving the management of surface water in adjacent upland areas and (2) stabilizing the incised channel and banks.

Project Outcome

Project deliverable includes a permitted Best Management Practices (BMP) restoration plan and estimate of construction costs for surface water management and channel stabilization. Project construction is dependent on future funding.

Specific Tasks for the Project included the following:

  • Conduct feasibility assessment, landowner outreach
  • Complete detailed site assessment and preliminary design
  • Prepare final designs and cost estimates for restoration plan
  • Obtain permits
Senior Project Managers and Technical Staff