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Walnut Creek Watershed Riparian Buffer (Erie County, PA)

Project Synopsis

ER&R installed more than 200 native trees and shrubs at three sites in Erie County, Pennsylvania, to help restore portions of the Walnut Creek riparian buffer. This work was conducted under contract with Pennsylvania Sea Grant and completed by staff associated with our new Division of Coastal Zone and Watershed Management.

Project Outcome

Six months after installation, ER&R inspected each site to assess success. Our results indicate more than 97% of the plants had survived and now contribute to the natural biodiversity and habitat function of the Walnut Creek riparian buffer.

Specific Tasks for the Project included the following:

  • Site inspections to delineate soil types, hydrologic conditions, and native plant species
  • Preparation of site plans to ensure species selection and placement are compatible with site specific characteristics
  • Installation of native species
  • Assessment of planting success
  • Liaison with client and local stakeholders
Senior Project Managers and Technical Staff