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Nick Fiesler is in the Pennsylvania Geologist in Training (GIT) program and is continuing to gain experience to qualify for his Professional Geologist. Nick also has obtained certification for underground storage tank remover (UMR) in the state of Pennsylvania.

Michael Waltz and David Birchard have obtained approval as registered Professional Geologists in the state of New York.

Michael Waltz has obtained the certification for aboveground manufactured metallic storage tank installation (AMMX) and modification and aboveground storage tank-civil (ACVL) in the state of Pennsylvania.

Installation activities include but are not limited to the tank and all associated ancillary equipment, appurtenances, and corrosion protection systems. Installation of tank-related structural components including but not limited to foundations, dike walls, containment structures, field grading, above and below grade vaults, pipe and pump supports, corrosion protection systems, and drainage.

Modification activities involve, but are not limited to: removing and replacing material to maintain tank integrity (e.g., patches, plates); adding manways or nozzles to existing tanks; repairing flaws (tears, gouges) by grinding, gouging, or welding; increasing or decreasing shell height; installing “hot taps”; replacing or repairing tank floors and roofs; and modifying system components. Modification activities include upgrading, repairing, refurbishing, or restoring any of the structural components.

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